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About Us

Warm, Authentic, and Compassionate

We are EMDRIA Certified EMDR Therapists and Consultants-in-Training offering trauma therapy in Pennsylvania. Often times when dealing with PTSD, it not enough to just talk about what happened to you; it is necessary to work through what is stored in the body. We create the safe space needed for you to heal from trauma and PTSD. We use evidenced-based practices such as EMDR to help individuals grow to become more at peace within themselves.


Our Approach

We believe that healing from trauma and PTSD is best done using an experiential approach. While aspects of talk therapy are important, we use IFS-informed EMDR as the primary model of treatment. We work with our clients to develop an individualized treatment plan to guide you in your healing process. We have come together as EMDR therapists to offer individuals & professionals our passion for and expertise in trauma work. Our goal is to help you move forward from trauma and re-connect you with resilient parts of yourself!

Meet The Team

Max, border collie/poodle mix
Cary, black lab mix
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