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EMDR Consultation For Professionals

As EMDR consultants in training, we can offer up to 15 of the 20 required consultation hours for therapists who have completed basic EMDR training through an EMDRIA-approved provider. Our areas of expertise include exploring parts of self, dissociation, childhood and developmental trauma, and addressing complex trauma with both teen and adult populations.

EMDRIA requires that therapists receive consultation hours from a qualified EMDR consultant as part of their certification process. These consultation hours provide the therapist with an opportunity to further develop their skills and receive support in the application of EMDR therapy. By offering up to 15 of the 20 required consultation hours, we are able to support therapists in their professional growth and help them achieve EMDR certification.


Our focus on working with teens and adults, as well as our expertise in parts work and complex trauma, enables us to provide highly specialized and effective EMDR therapy services. We are committed to helping our clients achieve their therapeutic goals and attain lasting healing from traumatic experiences. We are committed to empowering therapists to facilitate transformative healing for their clients through expert EMDR consultation services. 

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